Migrants and Refugees

FROM THE FIELD: the genocide survivor helping others avoid starvation

During the 1994 Genocide Against The Tutsi In Rwanda, Liberee Kayumba avoided starvation thanks to emergency rations from the World Food Programme (WFP). Today, she is helping to ensure that Burundian refugees in the country have enough to eat.

WFP’s Liberee Kayumba checks food rations at Mahama Camp in Rwanda., by WFP/Jonathan Eng

Liberee Kayumba recounts her harrowing experience during the genocide, during which her parents and brother were killed. She was just 12 years old.

The WFP rations she received were literally a life-saver. Now, the same organization is helping some 138,000 refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to stay alive.

Read more here about Ms. Kayumba, and the ways that WFP is helping some of the world’s most vulnerable people.


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